We provide a number of services to manage your entire data journey from setup to analysis and AI.

Big Data Solutions
We build scalable data solutions that are both flexible and cost-efficient. We leverage modern technologies such as RDS, Hadoop and Elastic Search when building customer solutions. Together with these modern technologies and our AGILE approach we can help you get to grips with your data.
Security & Blockchain
In today’s world, data security is paramount. Our data team work with the latest technologies and processes to implement a solution that protects your data across the enterprise network. From data encryption techniques to data loss prevention and data access protocols we ensure your data is kept private.
We also provide our clients with a complete view of the blockchain technology and its potential business implications. Our development team can help you create a blockchain solution from proof-of-concept to a smart contract solution or a distributed ledger.
AI & Machine Learning
AI and Machine Learning is the future of technology and more and more enterprises are moving to build intelligent models and systems to automate business processes and decision making. With our expertise in Deep Learning technologies using Python, TensorFlow, Keras amongst others we help businesses to adopt best strategies and build truly intelligent systems.
We can unlock your data’s potential, enabling you to review the results of your business strategy. Our team of data analysts use the latest data mining and business intelligence strategies to help you make effective decisions that benefit your business and your customers.